Because being normal is sooo boring!

— Toshiro Yoshida.

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Toshiro Yoshida
Name Toshiro Yoshida
Kanji 吉田 慧郎
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 183 cm
Weight 74 kg
Birthday 31th of October
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Teikō Junior High (Former)
Seirin High
Position Small Forward (Former)
Job Assistant Coach
Talent Intelligence
First Appearance
Anime Yuki Kaji
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Tōshirō Yoshida (吉田 慧郎, Yoshida Tōshirō) is Seirin High Basketball Club's second-year assistant coach and also Akane Yoshida's sibling. He is known as Teikō's Fox (帝光の狐, Teikō no Kitsune) because of his sly and critical strategy.


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Toshiro has a mature and kind personality, also caring about all of the team's problems.


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  • The kanji 慧郎 'Tōshirō' on his name means 'wise child', hinting to his mature and kind personality, although he can be a childish sometimes.
  • According to CHARACTERS BIBLE:
    • His motto is "Life freely".
    • His favourite food is meat bun.
    • His specialty is rubic (cube) game. He has five different collections of it in his room.
    • His hobby is music and he can play keyboard.
    • His best subject is labeled as everything.
    • He is the Student Council President of the School Committe in Seirin.
    • He spend his free time play video games, making match-simulation tactics, and chat with his friends.
    • The player he set his eyes on is Hanamiya
    • On last year's test result, he ranked 1st out of 300.
  • He hates caterpillar, as he find it disgusting.
  • His favourite girl type is a girl with Yamato Nadeshiko personality.
  • Beside Akane, he has a foster mother (Sayuko Hikashi), foster uncle (Akira Hikashi), and six adoptive little brothers and sisters.
  • Kiyoshi, Hyuga, and Toshiro are used to like Riko. But he was give up when Kiyoshi date her. When Kiyoshi and Riko were broke up, he and Hyuga compete for her again.
  • Toshiro would be a pharmacists if he had an alternative job.