Seiji Ichihara
Name Seiji Ichihara
Kanji 市原精二
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 6'2
Weight 175 lbs
Birthday Aug 17th
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Hyotei Academy
Position Small Forward
Job Student
Talent Agility
First Appearance
Image Gallery

"I strive to do what others say I cant. That's how I can make the impossible...possible." - Seiji Ichihara

Seiji Ichihara (市原精二 Ichihara Seiji) is a second-year student and Hyotei's captain.


Seiji is a rather tall male with fair to somewhat light tan skin and an athletic physique. He has rather short black hair and somewhat pale blue eyes. He is usually seen in the uniform of his high school including the variations of it for the different seasons and weather conditions. His attire is completed with a simple chain bracelet on his right wrist.

While practicing with the basketball team, he has a plain sleeveless shirt and shorts. During games, he wears the basketball jersey with the #4.


Seiji has shown to have various moods and emotions, that range from but not limited to, mischievous, laid-back, friendly, cold, anger, and even crafty. Some people say its hard to read him and know what he's thinking due to his many moods. He usually adds a bit of levity to situations, even in pretty serious situations, he would usually crack jokes and act like its no big deal. Seiji is willing to support his friends & team but lets them handle their business on their own. He has faith in the abilities of his team.

He loves playing basketball, and always strives to have a good game, whether he wins or loses. Seiji has shown unwavering determination in games before, refusing to give up even after the other team was too far ahead in points for them to catch up.




Seiji is a fast and agile player on the court, being able to run quick down the court and break through defenses rather easily. He is the ace of Hyotei and its said his skills are far above his teammates. People say he's like Daiki Aomine, just not as monstrous in terms of skill. This comes from growing up playing streetball almost everyday of his life, so he adopted a free-flowing and unpridictable basketball style. Playing streetball allowed Seiji to gain somewhat of an animal instinct while playing. He's able to react to plays based on instinct and experience playing the game.

Seiji is highly versitile on the court, and he can play any of the positions.



  • "I strive to do what others say I cant. That's how I can make the impossible...possible."
  • "Im the ace. My team puts all their faith in me. With their strength, I wont loose!"


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