Seihō High
Seiho high
Seiho High logo
Region Tokyo
Captain Jirou Oshiro
Coach Arthur Fujimoto
Manager Yuki Hara
Jersey color Black White

Seihō High (正邦高校, Seihō Kōkō) is one of the Three Great Kings of Tokyo. Known for their defense and constant participatient in the Interhigh. It is the location of the Rising Star, Ginga Amano, and the main location of the story, Kuroko no Basket Rising Star Edition.


Seihō has a history of participating in the Interhigh, the Winter Cup, and so many more tournament for the past ten years. Ginga has been a member on the team as a starter since his first year but couldn't participate in the Interhigh due to bad grades in all his classes.

Basketball Team

The basketball team has been around for quite a while. It's previous coach from last season retired because of personal reasons. So the new coach, Arthur Fujimoto, has taken over before the start of the new season. Seihō practices several different martial arts inside their basketball style. Such as the Nanba run.


Jirou Oshiro
Jirou O1.

#7 // PG
Tomoki Tsugawa

#10 // SG
Ginga Amano
Ginga Profile1

#1 // PF