Riko Aida
Name Riko Aida
Kanji 相田理子
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 17
Professional Statistics
Team Team Samuel Seiren
First Appearance
Anime Samuel's Last Battle Champion (Cameo Debut Appearance)
Journey to Kuroko's (Full Appearance)
Image Gallery

Riko Aida is the main female character in BEAST Saga and reincarnation of Kiryu since she met Samuel Nakaoka the Second in the previous fight. She was later became a seventh wife of Samuel Nakaoka the Second which she has nine children while the first one named Aida Nakaoka Joo.




Reincarnation of Kiryu

Advanced BEAST System Shutdown

After the Summer Cup Tournament was concluded,

PR Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh Victor

PR: Kuroko Basketball

Drive Arc



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