Ren "Orenji" Okada
Name Ren "Orenji" Okada
Kanji 漣岡田
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Height Ru-To: 5'9"

Teikō: 5'5"

Weight 156 lbs
Birthday June 17, Gemini
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Teiko (Former)


Position Point Guard
Talent Rebounding




First Appearance
Vomic Tooru Sakurai
Anime Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Image Gallery
Ren "Orenji" Okada is the vice-captain and point guard for Kontei High School and also the school team's most notable player. He used play for Teikō Junior High, on the same team as the Generation of Miracles, and was drilled heavily to perfect his rebounding skills, which is why he's known now as the "Prince of the Rebound" now.


Ren is quite short, standing at about 5'5". He used to be made fun of because of this back at Teikō until he started to play for the school's team, where he was duly underestimated and proved to be exceptionally better than most of the team's other's players.


Ren is a naturally good-natured person, doing the best he can to bring out the potential in his team as well as himself.





  • Ren was the shortest of his team while playing for Teiko High.

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