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Mizuki Takahashi
Mizuki 1
Name Mizuki Takahashi
Kanji 高橋・美月
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 166 cm (5'4")
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Birthday 8th April, Aries
Blood type B
Professional Statistics
Team Meikō Junior High (former)


Job Manager
Talent Analyst

Eidetic Memory

First Appearance
Anime Ayaka Fukuhara
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Mizuki Takahashi (高橋・美月 Takahashi Mizuki) is one of Rakuzan High basketball team's managers. Previously, she was the manager of Meikō Junior High .


Mizuki has a medium height with fairly white skin, shoulder blade-length chocolate brown hair with side bangs, and green eyes that seemed to look calculating. She has a large bust and is considered by many students to be really attractive. Her most common outfit is standard Rakuzan uniform, sometimes without the sweater and necktie. Out of school, she wears casual clothing instead.


Mizuki possess as a standard kuudere person. She is calm, self-sufficient and dignified girl, but also reasonable being, stoic, and extremely pragmatic. She thinks carefully, especially when it comes to basketball. She does not frequently lose her temper and speaks reasonably with others. In addition, she tends to be ‘straight man’ in joke sequences, and sometimes can be overly serious to a comedic point. While she tends to be cool and harsh, she does have a sweet side that she occasionally shows others, including her liking towards shōjo manga, cats, and cute things.

Though she is normally serene and showing steadfast appearance, Mizuki has only swayed when in front of Akashi’s dominating presence. This fear has caused her to be extremely submissive in his presence, unable to vocally stop any of his actions that impact her, no matter how much it upsets her. This includes her pleading for Mayuzumi as well as remembering the final round of nationals in junior high. However, despite her attitude for keeping a distance with him, she still possesses a deep caring towards the captain; even ask for Kuroko’s help in process.


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  • Her motto is ‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today
  • Her favorite food is yogurt.
  • Her hobby is collecting fiction novels.
  • Her specialty is swimming. Previously her family had a private swimming pool outside their home before her parents replace it with garden instead.
  • Her best subject(s) are Math and Music.
  • She is a member of Health Committee.
  • She has a father (Ryūnosuke Takahashi), a mother (Nanami Takahashi), an older brother (Mitsuru Takahashi), and a younger sister (Satomi Takahashi).
  • She spends her free time for playing violin.
  • The player she has her eye on is Kuroko.
  • She is nicknamed "MizuQ" by Mibuchi and "Takamizu" by Mayuzumi.
  • She is an excellent student in her class. However, she always stays at number two because she can't beat Akashi.
  • She grabbed the second highest test scores at Rakuzan Entrance Examination Test.


  • Maya Tokizaki from Hatsukoi 1/1