Pay attention

Pay attention!

This is the Kuroko no Basuke Fanon Wiki's Manual of Style, also known as Guide. Read this before you create any article.


Character Guide

Character Standard Intro

  • Appearance - The character's appearance. Begin with general body features, such as muscular, thin, tall, etc. Describe features of the face and hair. Clothes (when the character is only seen in player uniform, mention his number).
  • Personality - Information on the character's personality.
  • History - The character's history, basically the character's story before the time-line your story set.

Character Extra Info

  • Story - The role a character played in your fan-fiction story. If a character does nothing worth mentioning in an arc, the section should not be written.
  • Skill - The character's basketball or other skills. When he/she has a special skill, use different section headings (for example: ===Misdirection===).
  • Relationships - the character's notable relationships. Note the main idea and evolution. Different relationships are bulleted in section heading WITH a link to that character's page (for example ===[[Taiga Kagami]]===). For a more clear example, go here.
  • Trivia - Trivia items. Organized in a bulleted list.

Team Guide

Team Standard Intro

  • History - The story behind the team such as how the team is formed, the basketball games they played before the time-line your story set.
  • Story - The story during the present time-line your story set.
  • Members - At least five members are needed in order to create a team.

Team Extra Info

  • Matches - The matches of the team.
  • Trivia - Trivia items. Organized in a bulleted list.


  • You are allowed to use Asian or Western style of naming the article's title. But when it comes to Infobox, use the appropriate style. If it is English, then (Given Name - Family Name). If it is Romaji and Kanji, then (Family Name - Given Name).


  • Only in English Language.
  • Minor grammatical errors are allowed but not too much. Massive grammars mistakes will lead to deletion.