If you do not respect the rules, Riko is here to 'help'.
Have a nice day.

Please follow the rules below when you are here. You are advised to read all the rules before start to create an article to stay out of trouble.


Account Creation

  • You must create an account to create or edit an article.
  • Guest will not be entertained by the staffs.
  • Guest's question about the wiki will not be answered or entertained by the staffs.

Creating Rules

  • Follow the Basic Guidelines when you are creating an article.
  • Use the template given when you are creating an article.
  • Stub article is allowed, but is limited to a few number. Excessive stub article from a single person will get punished.
  • Articles that do not meet the basic requirement will be warned and deleted if it is not fixed within the deadline.

Editing Rules

  • Only the author itself is allowed to edit an article unless it is stated otherwise.
  • If it is grammar mistake, anyone is allowed to edit it.
  • Articles that are edited without the authors permission will be reverted immediately by staffs or any by-passer.

Image Rules

  • When you upload an image and is used in an article, please state where is the source of the image in the credits.
  • Do not use any copyrighted image without permission except from anime or games.
  • No offensive content with sexual, vulgar language, or racist remarks images.
  • Remember, images (that don't belong to you) are used to describe how your character looks like, not to copy the concept from the image itself for your character.

General Rules

  • Respect everyone.
  • Do not vandalize any pages and articles.
  • No vulgar language is allowed.
  • No advertising is allowed.
  • Any problems ? Contact : Maya

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