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Kotone Shirayuki
The Crane Empress
Name Kotone Shirayuki
Kanji 白雪琴音
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 168 cm (5' 6")
Weight Unknown
Birthday December 31th, Capricorn
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Akimitsu Junior High (former)
Kaijō High
Position Small Forward
Job Manager
Talent Multi-tasking
Abnormal Zone
Cunning Plan
First Appearance
Vomic Nagi Yanagi
Anime Kana Hanazawa
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Kotone Shirayuki (白雪 琴音, Shirayuki Kotone) is Kaijō High’s first year student. She is the first-string manager of Kaijō High’s boys basketball club. She previously is the power forward of Akimitsu Junior’s girls basketball club. She was nicknamed “The Crane Empress” (鶴の女帝, Tsuru no Jotei) due to her elegant cunning plan to snare her opponent.

Kotone is Ryōta Kise’s childhood friend. She actually realized that Ryōta had a crush on her and trying to get her attention. However, she decided to act like don’t know anything until Ryōta confess his feeling by himself, even though she is also had an special feeling for him.


Kotone has fairly white skin, white 'moonstone' eyes, and long white quite curly hair with mismatching front bangs, which frames both sides of her face. And because of this, her cousin, Izumi Tsunetsuki, once says that she looks like ghost. Besides her height was including tall for girls around her age, Kotone has slender build and curvaceous body. She also has biggest breasts, which sometime makes her feels difficulty.

She is usually seen in Kaijō's regular uniform: white shirt, dark gray blazer, dark red necktie, black over-knee socks, dark gray skirt, and beige shoes. And when she is doing club activities or training, Kotone still wears pretty much the same outfit without the blazer and necktie, with red scarf surrounds her neck and comfortable white and blue sneakers.

For ordinary house clothing, Kotone often wears a black kimono with pinky flower pattern. Her casual clothes consists in a peach knitted cardigan, light brown sundress, and a pair of wedge sandals.


Kotone is Yamato Nadeshiko typical. She is graceful, dignified, patient, soft-spoken, and kind-hearted person. She's caring and very sensitive towards her teammates. Kotone can easily noticed her teammates's problem, and makes sure that the team members not conceal their problem from her. She's once scolds Kise because he training while yet recovered from his injuries. Because of this, the majority of team members call her 'Okaasan'.



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  • The kanji (Shiro) in Shirayuki means 'white', which is hinting to her hair and eyes color. And the next kanji (Yuki) means 'snow'. So, thus her family name can be translated as "Snow white".
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE:
    • Her motto is: "Hopeless is useless."
    • Her favorite food is (?)
    • Her hobby is making origami and polish her nails.
    • Her specialty is wagashi.
    • Her best subject is almost everything, except English.
    • She doesn't join any school committee.
    • She likes to drink tea. It makes she loves anything about tea.
    • The type of guy she likes is someone who patient and kind.
    • She spends her free time for playing music instrument.
    • She has father (Itoh Kiyomasa), mother (Kirihiko Shirayuki).
    • She is an only child.
    • The player she has her eyes on is Takuma.
  • Kotone share the same seiyū as Fuwa Aika from the manga/anime series Zetsuen no Tempest.
  • During junior high, her classmate always calls her "Pork" (豚肉, Butaniku) because of her breasts.
  • She has twin butler, which the names is Himaya Mikoto and Himaya Azusa.
  • She doesn't know how to playing games, especially a game with controller.
  • Akashi once says that playing harp is one of Kotone's best specialties. The kanji (Koto) means 'Harp', and the next kanji (Ne) on her name can be read as 'Oto' which mean 'Sound'. So, her given name itself translates into 'Sounds of Harp', hinting at her best specialty.
  • She was really easy to fell sleepy. So, when Kotone sleeping, it's really hard to wake her up.
  • Kotone dislikes roller coaster, as she finds it scary.
  • She speaks in very formal language, and still uses "watakushi" to refer herself.