I am a deadly combination; I am an analyst and a shadow... nothing can stop me.

— Kayuki Kuroko

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Kayuki Kuroko
Older Kayuki
Name Kayuki Kuroko
Kanji 黒子ユキ
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 157 cm (5'2)
Weight 49 kg (110 lbs)
Birthday December 24th; Capricorn
Professional Statistics
Team Teikō Junior High (formerly)
Seirin High
Position  ?
Talent Analyst
Ignite Pass
Phantom Dribble
First Appearance
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Kayuki Kuroko (黒子由紀 Kuroko Kayuki) is the youngest child of Tetsuya Kuroko and Satsuki Momoi. Her godfather is Seijūrō Akashi. She has two older brothers: Yukito and Tatsuya.

Kayuki is the Phantom Sixth Player of the Successors of the Miracles (also known as the Generation of Miracles II). Her basketball skills are very similar to that of her father's; she specializes in midsdirection and passes. She is currently playing for Seirin High.


She's a perfect mix of both of you.

Riko Aido to Tetsuya and Satsuki

Kayuki sss


Kayuki is short, standing at the height of 4'11". She has long, flowing, bright pink hair and blue eyes, which have a blank gaze, much like her father. She is very slim and slender, and she has inherited her mother's large breasts. Her skin is smooth and fairly pale. She wears the white, blue and black Teikō jersey with the number 10. She also sometimes wears blue and black sweatbands. Her basketball shoes are white with pink and blue streaks.

When out of training or matches, she wears her school uniform: a blue button-up shirt, a white sweater or button-up jacket, a black ribbon and a short, black skirt with a white, horizontal stripe at the bottom. When dressing casually, she usually wears very cute, girly outfits and - occasionally - she wears lolita dresses.


Kayuki 8

Happy Kayuki; a rare sight

Kayuki mostly has a deadpan and straight-forward personality. However, she also has a bubbly and out-going personality which is rarely seen by others; only those who are close to her, such as her family and best friends, have seen this side of her. She is very hard-working and is always trying to satisfy the needs of others before her own. She can also be quite gloomy and unnoticeable - a trait she shares with her father - and goes along with her misdirection.

She has much respect towards those who are passionate about basketball; she has great respect for her own father and his friends. Despite her kind personality, Kayuki also has a horrendous temper, but she hardly ever shows it. Though when Kayuki does get furious, her whole aura changes drastically: her next-to-nothing presence alters and becomes extremley noticable, and she also radiates a dangerous glow. She becomes vicious. It is hard to beat her when she is angry because she is fueled up with fighting spirit, or her anger.

Kayuki has metaphorically referred to herself as a "shadow" or a "deadly darkness". This means she is playing for someone else, and that she becomes exponentially stronger when her "light" is stronger. With the "light", she means the player which she supports during a basketball game. Before Junior High School, Kayuki's brothers were her "lights". When she joined an outside-the-school basketball team, her "light" was Nagihiko Fujisaki. In Junior High School, her new "light" was her teammate, Xingke Yan. Her current light is the "Miracle Point Guard" of Seiren High, Hiroto Sato .

Despite her unnoticeable personality, Kayuki is very charming. Amongst her close friends, she can sometimes be very open with them and is oddly good at cheering people up. Her friends will usually always come to her for advice.


Kayuki surrounded by butterflies.

Kayuki also struggles with her own emotions and feelings; this is a problem she's had since she was a child, which is why she is so deadpan. She can be incredibly sensitive and easily gets embarrassed, even if she doesn't show it. This is because Kayuki usually has selfless motives and doesn't like to worry others with her issues, and therefore she keeps all her problems to herself. 

Overall, she is mostly a very calm and rational person, but she will also have silly moments of her own. She is good at making people laugh, even if she doesn't always mean to do it. There are times when she uses her misdirection ability to run away; she only does this when she's gotten into a situation she doesn't want to be in, or if she's been asked to do something and she doesn't want to do it. Kayuki has also used her ability to trick her

Kayuki playing her guitar

teachers into thinking she's been in class the whole time, while she was actually just late. It is also known that she has a soft spot for cute plushies and animals, such as puppies, kittens, butterflies and teddy-bears.

Though many people don't know this, Kayuki also likes to sing. She is very talented at singing and has learned how to play multiple instruments - though her favourites are the piano, guitar and the violin. When Kayuki sings or plays her instruments, she will let everyone see her rarely-shown happiness. 


Kayuki was exposed to basketball at a young age; her father played for the Japanese National Basketball Team before he decided to retire and become a kindergarten teacher, and her mother was the analyst for several basketball teams before she became an actress/model. Kayuki took a great interest in basketball; she began training at the age of five with her father, the members of the Generation of Miracles, and the old members of the Seirin High basketball team.

Much like her brothers, it quickly became apparant that Kayuki was a basketball prodigy. However, unlike her brothers, her style of basketball was like her father's, and so she trained with him the most.

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