Hyotei Academy
Hyotei Logo
Region Kanagawa
Captain Seiji Ichihara
Coach Sanosuke Kagetane
Manager Unknown
Jersey color Red and White

Hyotei Academy (氷帝学園 Hyōtei Gakuen) is a high school basketball team from Kanagawa. The school is located in the capital city of Yokohama.


Hyotei has been competing in the Inter-High and Winter Cup for several years, though they have never won one. They seem to always lose in the quarterfinals or the semifinals. The teams they lose to are usually top tier teams like Kaijo, Yosen, Shutoku, etc... Last years, they got a group of players with skills higher than any other in the past. With them, Hyotei made it to the final round but still ultimately lost the championship.


  • Hyotei's front entrance
  • School uniforms
  • Basketball jersey

Hyotei Academy, like a few other schools, is known for their sports programs. All their sports club have have won at nationals, except for their basketball club. The school has the optimal tools and space for the clubs to hone their skills.


The males were black uniforms with red trimmings on the collar and pockets. Its paired with a white shirt and a red tie. Some opt to wear a vest rather than the jacket. In the summer, they wears a short-sleeved shirt.

The female attire is the same, except for they have a skirt and a red ribbon instead of a tie.



  • The name and logo, so I've researched, is from an anime called Prince of Tennis.
  • The school uniform is from Miyaji Academy from the Cardfight! Vanguard.
  • The picture of the school is a random one I found on the internet. I have no idea where it comes from.
  • The jersey is a blank template I found on the internet and I just filled in the color and put the school name it.

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