Time is everything for someone like me, you know.

— Haruyuki Yukino

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Haruyuki Yukino
Name Haruyuki Yukino
Kanji 柚木野 春雪
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 165 cm (5' 5")
Weight Unknown
Birthday May 16th, Taurus
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Shūtoku High
Team Onitsume
Job Manager
Talent Analyst
Memory Strength
First Appearance
Vomic Asami Seto
Anime Kana Hanazawa
Image Gallery

Haruyuki Yukino (柚木野 春雪, Yukino Haruyuki) is the first year student at Shūtoku High, and the one of boys’ basketball team’s first string managers.

In basketball, Haruyuki was known-well as the Poisonous Thief or Manipulator, due to very detailed information that she stole after manipulating her target which is from other teams.


Haruyuki is a female teenager with small figure compared to the others. She has slightly pale skin, pink spring eyes, and shoulder-length black hair with v-bangs that has an few extension on both sides of her face, and she usually keeps it loose on her back. She is buxom, has a curvaceous figure for her age, which makes her felt uncomfortable because it stolen so many weird stares from boys everywhere. Haruyuki also had fast metabolism, which makes her difficult to gain her weight, no matter how much foods she ate.

She usually seen in her school uniform; an white sailor uniform with black collar that has a single white stripe, white sailor tie, black pleated skirt, over-knee white sock, and dark brown shoes. When doing her job as manager, Haruyuki's most common attire is white t-shirt with black rim, black knee-length sport pants, and comfortable white-black sneakers. She also tied her hair into a ponytail, for comfortable her during the club activities.

In EXTRA GAME, actually her appears didn't changed much. She still let the hair get loose on her back, but her hair is longer than before and the lower looks slightly curly. She also keeps the few hair behind of her ear. Her outfit is a red plaid shirtdress, knee-length jeans pants, and orange converse shoes it’s hinting at Shutoku High’s jersey color.


Haruyuki is introverted person. She’s extremely quiet, mostly is used stoic expression on her face. Emotionless, spoken only if it necessary, and it’s hard to read. She had a sharp gaze and enough rigid, where it’s frequently triggered others' misunderstandings her at first glance. However, Haruyuki actually is very caring and compassionate with anyone else. She's never hesitate to offer her help to those who needs it, even it’s only little thing. She usually just said “let me do it for you” when it happened, then really do it until it’s done.

Aside of that, Haruyuki is famous as the one of excellent students in her school. She has an clever-brain, diligent, and very quick to digests an subject matter. She is also confidence, discipline, and very strict with herself if it’s about her studies. The black-haired girl is ambition to gains many knowledge, and tends it as her liability. But worse for her, due to her status as excellent student and her bitterest-but-sweet personality, there’s no one are befriend with her, even her classmate, because they are reluctant to get close with her even though they is acknowledge and admiring her.



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Training Capability
7/10 Haruyuki chart1
Analytical Skill
Feminine Appeal

Physical Ability
8/10 Haruyuki chart2
Mental Strength
Special Ability


Shūtoku High


Shintarō Midorima


Alexandra Garcia


Anzai Shirakiin



  • The kanji ‘Haru’ in her given name means spring, hinting at her eyes color. The next kanji ‘Yuki’ means snow, which hints to her first glance. Her given name itself can be translated into Snow in spring or Spring’s snow.
  • Her username of social network is haru.yuki_16.
  • Her favorite color is mint green.
  • Haruyuki has a grey male cat which she got from Anzai’s oldest brother, named Silver.
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE:
    • Her motto is: "Silence is golden."
    • Her favourite food is fish yakimeshi without peas.
    • Her hobby is decorating stationery and scraping book.
    • Her specialty is (?)
    • Her best subject is everything except Mathematics.
    • She is a member of the Library Committee.
    • She dislikes slimy animals as she finds them disgusting.
    • She is afraid of lightning.
    • The type of guy she likes is someone who is mature and gentle, but can dominating her at times.
    • She spends her free time for (?)
    • Haruyuki's pastime activity on off days was tasting frozen dessert.
    • The player she has her eyes on is Furuhashi.
  • Haruyuki share the same seiyū as Kozakura Marry from Mekakucity Actors. She also closely resembles to Anri Sonohara from the li-novel/anime series Durarara!! in terms of personality.
  • She secretly has a crush on Midorima and thought that nobody realized her special feeling towards him.
  • Her best move in basketball is steal without looking.
  • She started playing basketball after frequently accompanying her cousins playing basketball.
  • Haruyuki is a little bit traumatized if she gets a present from Anzai, since he and his twin brother once gave her a present, which consisted of earthworms and leeches.
  • Haruyuki says that Anzai looks scary when he calls her without suffix '-chibi'.
  • In a Q&A section, it is revealed that:
    • She is an only child.
    • She is Seijūrō Akashi's cousin.
    • Haruyuki likes to collecting notebooks and bookmarks.

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