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Graham Murphy
Graham Murphy
Name Graham Murphy
Kanji グラハム・マーフィー
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 34
Height 205 cm (6'9")
Weight 104 kg (229lbs)
Professional Statistics
Team Team Devils
Position Center
Job Captain (Former)
Talent Jumping Power
Vice Claw
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Anime Unshō Ishizuka
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Graham Murphy (グラハム・マーフィー, Gurahamu Māfī) is the coach of the American basketball team: Devils. Before becoming the coach, he played as the team's center and was also its captain. He is known by players by the nickname: Grammy, while Akio calls him Mother Hen (母編, Haha-hen).


Graham is a very tall and athletic former basketball player, measuring 205 cm and being topped only by Darryl. He has gold, deep eyes, light-brown hair and is fair-skinned. Graham has armpit-length hair which is kept tied with a black elastic band. He often wears sports clothes, which consists of a pair of black-loosed combat trousers, a light-green gym undershirt and a pair of white sneakers. While training the players, he can be seen wearing a white kerchief and a red whistle around his neck.


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  • According to KUROFES:
    • His motto his "Always be prepared to face the truth".
    • His favorite food is everything cooked by his life partner.
    • His hobby is creating improvised firearms.
    • His special skill is hiking.
    • He is married since he was 19 years old and has triplets (two boys and a girl). His life partner is 20 years older than him.
    • He is bad at handling small objects.
    • His best basketball skill is: Jumping Power.
    • His type of person is his life partner.
    • He spends his free time going out with his family.
    • The reason he started to play basketball is because he wanted to build his muscles and mass.
    • The player he had eyes on is Akio Daidaihise.

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