Beast Direct Release (True Name: BEAST Eye) is the ultimate technique of Beast Mode, because it was extremely rare and very hard to learn it. The Beast Direct Release can also used while in their Beast Mode Stage 1 only before change their appearance looks dramatically. This technique can be used by any humans or Beasts as well an human/Beast hybrid who requires their hope.


Level 1 Stage

Level 2 Stage

Complete Level Stage

Mangesen BEAST Eye

The fully matured form of BEAST Eye which is used by Kiryu.


Most of the abilities was enhanced after the technique awakened only some of them altered and becoming more mature though some of them were haven't evolved yet.

Perfect Scan S

Samuel Nakaoka the Second's Attack Scan's final form, is the strongest technique that can scan the opponent's movements or attacks. This attack was Samuel Nakaoka the Second's secondary technique to overwrite their movements.

ZONE Visor

ZONE's powered up version used by Kiryu (Riko Aida) due to her Mangesen BEAST Eye.


The Users was represented to their appearance looks and change their voice deeper while normal human.


  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Zarths (Red/Crimson)
  • Kiryu (Riko Aida) (Orange/Crimson)
  • Kuroko Tetsuya/Solsaris (Blue/Navy)
  • Ogiwara Shigehiro (Lightblue)
  • Ajisai (Purple/Violet)
  • Kouki Furihata (Yellow/Lightgreen, Filler Only)

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