How do you feels if your world are just a monochrome?

— Akane Yoshida.

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Akane Yoshida
The Monochrome Girl
Name Akane Yoshida
Kanji 吉田 茜
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 165 cm
Weight 46 kg
Birthday 17th of June, Gemini
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Meikō Junior High (Former)
Job Manager
Talent Analyst
First Appearance
Anime Mai Nakahara
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Akane Yoshida ( 吉田 茜, Yoshida Akane) is Seirin High Basketball Club's first-year manager and also Tōshirō Yoshida's siblings. She is Daiki Aomine and Satsuki Momoi's childhood friend.


Akane has a tall posture with pale skin, scarlet eyes, and back-length brown hair that she tied in a ponytail sometimes. Her hair was short in the past, and she started to grow it when attended junior high.

Akane can be usually seen with her standard sailor uniform; white sailor, white collar with green stripes, green necktie, and white short skirt with green stripes. She also wears a black hoodie jacket, knee-length socks and white sneakers with black stripes.


At first glance, Akane is known as calm and kind-hearted girl. But when it comes to her well-known friends and her bestfriends, she become a teasing girl, and do stupid things together sometimes. She can be so emotional when serious.


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(Toshiro Yoshida)

(Daiki Aomine)

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  • The kanji 茜 'Akane' on her name means 'clearly red', hinting to her eyes colour.
  • According to CHARACTERS BIBLE:
    • Her motto is "Different is better".
    • Her favorite food is chocolate.
    • Her hobby is listening to music.
    • Her specialty is origami (Japanese folding-paper art).
    • She doesn't join any school committee.
    • Her best subject(s) are English and Classic Literature.
    • She spends her free time reading light novels. Her favourite genres are Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, and Romance.
    • The player she has her eyes on is Momoi.
  • She has a friend named Haruka, who always watches basketball club's matches along with Toshiro. They were met in the middle school.
  • Her favorite type of guy is someone who love her and all of her disability.
  • Beside Toshiro, she has a foster mother (Sayuko Hikashi), foster uncle (Akira Hikashi), and also six adoptive little brothers and sisters.
  • Akane would be a film director if she had an alternative job.